Viking Park Development in Congleton

Project: Viking Park Development in Congleton

TanRo Ltd has been appointed as the Main Contractor for Viking Park Development in Congleton

TanRo has recently announced its appointment as the main contractor for the Viking Park development in Congleton. In collaboration with Clowes Developments, this mixed-use development project will include up to 175 residential units, a 20,500 sq ft supermarket, 36,800 sq ft of office space, and 219,500 sq ft of industrial space.

The company is thrilled to take on this significant project and aims to deliver a high-quality development that will greatly benefit the local community. With a proven track record of success in mixed-use developments, TanRo is confident in its ability to complete the Viking Park project on time and within budget.

This collaboration with Clowes Developments demonstrates TanRo’s commitment to excellence and highlights its capacity to undertake large-scale, transformative projects. The completion of Viking Park is anticipated to create new opportunities for the local economy, providing housing, employment, and commercial spaces for Congleton residents.